Travel professionals in possession of The Star Alliance Sticker Book, are entitled to sticker packs. Randomly hidden in the sticker packs are the Gold, Silver and Star Tickets, these special tickets entitle you to a VIP-treatment at the events and a nice prize.

  1. Find your lucky ticket – Complete your Star Alliance Sticker Book with the photo stickers. The more sticker packs you collect, the bigger your chances of finding the rare Gold, Silver or Star Ticket.

  2. Gold, Silver or Star prizes – the nature of these prizes will be announced at the Star Alliance Events in Belgium and Luxembourg. But you already get you some clues here:

    • Gold Ticket: Congratulations! Your Gold Ticket entitles you to one of the fun experiences.
    • Silver Ticket: Good for you! You can redeem your Silver Ticket for a lovely present.
    • Star Ticket: Gizmo, gadget or sweets? Your Star Ticket entitles you to a nice surprise.
  3. Register to claim your prize – Did you come across one of the rare winning tickets? Make sure to claim your prize as soon as possible. To do so, fill out the code on your winning ticket in the box below. You will get access to a special page where you can submit your personal details.

    Please note these important stipulations:

    • Winning tickets that are not claimed via this website before 10 October 2016 are invalid! All tickets will become invalid after the Star Alliance Gold Party in Brussels.
    • Only one winning ticket is allowed per person. Should you have found a second winning ticket, you can give one of your two tickets to a colleague. Please make sure this person works in a travel agency or in the travel industry and will register to attend The Star Alliance event.
    • Under no condition may you sell your winning ticket.
    • Gold, Silver and Star Tickets have been developed to add some excitement to the Star Alliance Sticker Book action. They cannot be used to claim benefits while travelling with the 28 Star Alliance member airlines.
  4. Redeem at The Star Alliance Gold Party – Have you registered your Gold, Silver or Star Ticket timely? Bring the print-out of the confirmation email as well as your winning ticket to one of the Star Alliance events and present it at the Star Alliance counter. Here you will get further instructions.
    If you cannot join the event, a colleague is allowed to claim your prize for you. Prizes will not be sent to you by mail. Do keep in mind that all tickets become invalid after the Star Alliance Gold Party.

  5. Make a VIP entrance via the Gold Track – Holders of a Gold or Silver Ticket will get a special treatment at the Star Alliance events. Simply present your winning tickets at the entrance, get priority entrance walking the Gold Track, plus be in for more happy surprises. Apart from this, holders of the Gold Tickets receive a gold badge to enjoy VIP-treatment during the evening.

The deadline for registration of your ticket has passed.