Info & FAQ

  • Why subscribe to the Star Alliance Airport Game & Event?

    The Star Alliance Airport Game & Event combines information exchange on Star Alliance member airlines and joint network, as well as the features, products and services of each of the individual airline members. It’s a great opportunity to meet a lot of airlines in just one evening.

    In addition you can obtain the last stickers to complete your Star Alliance Sticker Book and redeem your winning tickets for a prize.

    While participating in the airport game you will see and experience the fantastic facilities of Lux-Airport and update yourself on the new developments they have been working on. Plus if you lucky and give the game your best efforts you might go home with one of the prizes!

  • Who is invited to the event?

    This event is exclusively for travel professionals in Luxembourg. If you are one of them, do not hesitate and subscribe to the event as soon as possible – but no later than 5 October 2016 – by clicking the button ‘Subscription’.

  • Until when can I subscribe to the event?

    Subscription is possible up to and including Wednesday 5 October 2016 - close of day. Upon subscription you will receive an email confirmation stating the details of your registration. Make sure to check of all is correct! If you did not receive such email, or if your details are incorrect, please send an email to:

  • Are there any costs involved?

    Participation in the Star Alliance Airport Game & Event is entirely free of charge.

  • How to cancel my subscription to the event?

    For cancellations press the button on the left and fill out the details asked. If you receive a confirmation of your cancellation, then you are sure your email has reached us in good order. If you did not receive such email, please send an email to:

    Do note the following:
    This is the last opportunity to obtain your missing stickers for the Sticker Book. If you are not able to attend the event, maybe ask a colleague to take your missing stickers for you. We will not send stickers by mail after the event.

  • How do I get access to the event? What to take with me?

    Bring the email confirmation of your subscription and do make sure to bring your ID or Passport.
    No ID or Passport means you cannot participate in the airport game that goes airside.

    If your Star Alliance Sticker Book is still incomplete, mark the missing stickers on the last page in the book and take a photo with your phone. Check this overview to obtain the stickers at the airline stands at the event.

    Make sure to bring your Gold, Silver or Star Ticket (only 1 ticket per person) and redeem it for a nice present at Star Alliance booth.

  • What is the dress code?

    Dress code is: smart casual – walking shoes are preferred over heels.

  • Can I take along my spouse, partner, boy- or girlfriend? What about a colleague?

    Unfortunately taking your spouse/partner, boy- or girlfriend along is not possible, since this event is for travel professionals only. Your colleagues are of course very welcome.

  • Can I select my team members for the game?

    The teams for the airport game will be created by Star Alliance. However, you can fill out the names of up to two colleagues you wish to team up with. Although the organisation will do its best to honour your request, no guarantees can be given that you will be placed on the same team. On the other hand, your chances of winning by participating in different teams might rise.

  • How do I get to Lux-Airport?

    By Car:
    Luxembourg Airport can easily be reached by car because it is near a motorway network. From Argon (BE) take the A6 and then the A1 motorway.

    Public Transport:
    Luxembourg Airport can be reached by bus. From Luxembourg Central Train Station the busses with the numbers 16, 29 and 117 stop at Luxembourg Airport.

    Rue de Trèves B.P. 635
    2016 Luxembourg (Findel)

  • Where to park my car?

    Parking is free-of-charge in the underground parking garage at Lux-Airport.

  • Where do we meet at Luxembourg Airport?

    Nearly all Star Alliance members represented in Belgium and Luxembourg will be present at the event.

  • Which airlines can I meet at Lux-Airport?

    Nearly all Star Alliance members represented in Belgium and Luxembourg will be present at the event.